Lords of the Fallen

Hexworks collaboration


Our collaboration with Hexworks on Lords of the Fallen has been one of our biggest projects so far. It started in mid-2021 and finished right after the game release in October, 2023. During that time, we were able to work together with their Environment Art Team, delivering a wide variety of levels while learning a lot in the process.

Some of these levels were made from a greybox starting point, while others were re-designed from a more art-filled base. Our artists used Zbrush extensively to sculpt a plethora of hero props to act as visual waypoints for the players in case they ever got lost in the game map.

Additionally, we were also part of the Umbral Team, a select group of artists fully dedicated to spread the Umbral darkness across the world of Lords of the Fallen. We combined the usage of Unreal Engine 5 and constant communication with the Leads at Hexworks to help delivering this realm-ripping, in-game feature.

One of my favourite pieces and also one of the first ones we got our hands on is The Lady in the Sewers: A colossal statue located deep down in a well that you can find after wandering through some horrifying mines and toxic sewers. This gigantic landmark can pull you up back into the light using a mechanic elevator that we also had the opportunity to work on. Alexandre Chaudret, Art Director over at Hexworks, provided us with a backstory and settings, giving us plenty of creative freedom for our vision throughout the project. This allowed us to put our skills to the test creating all these artifacts and places for Lords of the Fallen damned, forgotten world.

In addition to the environment work, we also acted as a supporting art team for Lords of the Fallen post-release updates, creating themed content for Halloween and Christmas: A new stash, a new customization mirror, or new weapons and armors like the the Pumpkin Head and the Two-Faced Hammer.

In summary, Lords of the Fallen taught us a great deal about development, particularly 3D creation. We managed to deliver high-quality items in time, creating a strong collaboration between both studios and forming a long-lasting business relation that lasts still to this day.

Dervla's arena

The Castle

Aditional areas

Dilapidated Chapel

The swamp

Welcome to the Umbral

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